Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spicing up my life in empty New Haven

Think the last of the people going back to their states will be heading out this Friday (M's leaving this Friday)... So I have resorted a number of activities to keep myself sanely and enrichingly occupied throughout this holiday season.

Ever since I got here, I haven't visited much of New Haven's places of interest. So I made my first trip down to the renowned Peabody Museum. It reminded me (totally) of a mesh between a nature discovery center and Singapore Science Centre, housed in a single gothic building. I think Singapore Science Center housed more science exhibits LOLX. BUT what made it stood out were the real specimens of animals, dinosaurs (T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Bronotosaurus-Apatosaurus) and minerals and current research (astronomy in particular). It took me just about 2 hours to get through the entire museum... I did learnt some trivial stuff from this tour though haha. Like Brontosaurus is actually also Apatosaurus due to naming chronology etc. etc.

And I have gotten hooked to Grey's Anatomy again. Haha. BUT, IT'S SO DAMN GOOD! The superb acting, the quote-ridden script, the themes, the human nature, the dramatic stories... Applause to the director, actors and scriptwriters! Thanks G and M for letting me use their Netflix!

It hasn't snowed yet. Frankly, I am a little disappointed... I mean, my first US white christmas, apparently is not really coming...

I am revising MATLAB, reading up on Systems Theory... See how much I can go in reading all these engineering stuff... I am picking up squash and gym again. I am resuming Guild Wars and some Dota too....

Most importantly, I am doing able to concentrate on some research. Though not going as smoothly as I expected, I do hope it leads somewhere.

Maybe I should start making New Year resolutions too... It's not habitual for me to do that but well, worth considering.

So I am filling up my life with fragments of things to do, maybe you can even call it stuffing. But I would prefer 'spicing' - it's not essential but with them, you add more color, smell and taste.

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