Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arthroscopy Days 4 - 8

Ice, ice, ice, ice. Keep icing. As long as there is swelling never stop icing.

Cover knee with polystyrene bag when showering.

Walk with crutches.

I removed my bandage on Day 7. See the 2 incision points and my swollen knee:
See the knee cap on the right side against the swollen knee on the left.
2 incision points
On Day 8, I went for my first post-op. The doctor said that I am healing well and had me walk without crutches and straighten my knee. When I straightened, some blood oozed out of one of the incision points. But doc says it's fine. He recommended that I try to lay off crutches to walk around the house more often - as often as my pain level allows. At this stage, without crutches, I realized I could walk, albeit slowly and limping. He also wanted me to get onto physical therapy ASAP. So I called up the physical therapy at the Health plan for an appointment the day after tomorrow.

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