Sunday, June 23, 2013

Haze Hype!

Singapore PSI breached the 400 mark!

Gosh... It's as if the climate is not warm enough. Now there are tons of particles up in the air containing even more of that heat and humidity. Plus, there is the respiratory problems that the particulates and irritants can cause.

I do my friends and family are drinking lots of water and taking measures to take care of themselves as best as they can.

I read that the respirators can be kept for about 3 years, so I intend to buy some to bring back for my folks and my gf+her folks for the next 3 years at least. In case, things get depleted next year again, they still have some.

Anyway, found this site showing some of the uses of the different kinds of respirators:

It seems that they are ordered by their increasing capabilities.

Hopefully, people in Singapore are seeing clear skies and breathing better soon. Hang in there people!

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