Sunday, June 23, 2013

Arthroscopy Days after

After Day 10, I can walk on 2 finally. After a mere session of physical therapy, I could feel a huge difference - I think the muscles and bones needed a little more than nudging perhaps to get them back to normal.

So right now, the routine is basically ice and physical therapy exercises at home and to attend the sessions at the clinic. 

I could feel the swelling subsiding and my knee bones showing, albeit still very slowly. It's almost 2 weeks from the surgery but I still cannot walk normally yet. There is still fluids pressing around my patella. The doc had said that lateral meniscus tear is more difficult to recover than medial meniscus, so I would have to be patient. 

The key is really to keep cool and distract myself and not try to hasten the recovery by doing something stupid. I would probably have to faithfully keep doing my PT and let nature takes its due course... 

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