Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fitting in

Just when you think you have adapted, the world moves one step ahead.

Travelling 9000 miles around the globe, brought me to this place where I could seemingly be myself. A free country, they say. You see a great spectrum of people - faces, personalities, tenets, mindsets, colors. A diversity running from one end of the world to the other. Surely, I thought, I must fit in this continuum somewhere.

A stranger in a foreign land this time, is not going to make me a tourist. The unfortunate fact is that I am still being judged constantly. So, I did fit in - like a kink in the seams. Or a chip off a side of a piece in the jigsaw puzzle. In this world filled with stereotypes, extroverts and normal people, I am a controversy that stands to challenge them all.

I was taught from young, if you don't fit, you conform. But that's why I wanted this opportunity to come here. In the land where individuality counts.

But sometimes, fitting in is just so exhausting... It's like constantly fighting to wade upstream of a river. *argh*

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