Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hardest Decision

Sometimes I think the most difficult conundrum is whether you should try harder or finally give up and walk away.

It's a really tough choice, especially when you have put in your 110%, achieved some, but not sufficient to complete. You have sacrificed too much to simply walk away, but you are getting nowhere staying in the quagmire.

Is it worth holding on? Somehow, you still harbor the hope that your incessant struggle somehow will push you through the mud and inch you forward towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Nurturing that small flicker of a hope...

Hope. It's such an illogical entity. There is no basis for you to believe, yet you hold on. You want to believe that all you have worked for has not come naught. But it's such a weak notion. Deep inside you, you scoff and you jibe. At yourself. Your puny, craven self.

But you didn't realize that hope has been sustaining you. The small fire that has been stoking your passion, and your dreams. Slowly, surely, steadily.

The small candlelight that has cast long shadows down dark alleys and tunnels, so that you may move forward. Slowly, surely, steadily.

As you lift yourself out of the quagmire, you feel that warmth and strength to carry on.

Staying or leaving. Time pushes the quandary to work itself out. You are ready. You move forward. Finally.

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