Sunday, May 6, 2007

060507 - Semestersanfang Dinner

I experienced my first rain in Germany since I came! It was drizzling when I looked out of the window this morning. Weather forecast has mentioned 30% chance of precipitation LOLX.

Let me go back to my cosy nest please.... *qoooo*

The Semestersanfang Dinner is supposedly a ritualistic dinner organised by the Singaporean full-time students here in Munich, for all Singaporean students to come to meet at the start of the semester. A little get-together I would say. This time it is held at Jade, a China restaurant, which they supposedly ate there last year too...

Well not too bad, Gladys, Yucheng, me, Kat are the only exchange students and 2 others new full-time students, Jiadong and Verlin turned up. The rest are the 'lao-jiaos'. In the photo above, from my table only, there's Chuanzong, Eddy, Gladys and Gladys Korean friend, Kim from Linguistics at LMU. Chuanzong is doing Electrotechnik, Eddy aeronautical engineering, oh and he is the one who had stayed here since young and a German girlfriend. I think most, if not all, of the full-time students, their German is really tokkong liaoz... It sounds even soothing to hear them speak... haha so fluent. The Singaporean students here in Germany give me a very different feeling as those in NUS and NTU in Singapore... I could see a lot of conviction in the work that they do, like research or thesis or even their travel experiences. And there is always this sense of direction in their presentation, one way or another.
Kim is from Yonsei University in Seoul and she speaks very good English, super fluent. Well speaking to her really helps u know more about Korea. Did you know US films and drama series are very popular in Korea?
After the dinner, we had another beer drinking at Cafe Munich at Giselastrasse. And lasted till 12 midnight! Cos it started to rain... Again...

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