Sunday, May 20, 2007

Muellersches Volksbad

It's been a long time I think that I blogged. When was it the last time? I cannot remember lolx. Na ja. Saturday evening; was yearning for a little hideout, a little getaway, from all the expectations of the world and focus on something simple.

Was looking through the mails, and stumbled upon a Muellersches Volksbad, or public swimming complex. It is interesting because it is not the very modern kind of complex you get in Singapore or even here in Germany. It is an art nouveau jewel under the baths in Munich and one of the most beautiful public swimming places in Europe. It was opened in 1901 and is situated next to the Isar river in Munich, at the Rosenheimerplatz. It includes not only a swimming pool; you can also find a sweat bath, Sauna, different baths and a solarium. Well, as usual, like everything in Germany, saunas probably needs money as well. I din care to try that, I just needed somewhere comfortable, and I think an indoor swimming pool in ancient style catches my attention somewhat. Well, anyway, it was probably just lucky that there were not many people.

Well, the system here is that you pay, get a card, get a different coloured key to a small locker with the card, then with THAT key u get a locker where you can put your clothes and stuff. Pretty unusual, took me sometime to figure out, since Germans aren't exactly known for impracticality and my number 176 was like in some desolate corner of the complex. But the place is worth one go, I think. Wouldn't for the second though.
31m big swimming pool was the main hall. The architecture is really elegantly simple. Pallid, white-washed, not too pompous. The water is cool, but the whole hall is not. Liked it.

I really had a good time, swimming. And of course just soaking there in the water. There is this spout of a lion's head that fires water into the pool. Just go under it and let the water fire onto the body forcefully, something close to massage. Water's really a good relaxant. I guess that's what they meant by aqua-therapy. Oh, and the main pool goes up to 3++ metres.

The only thing I liked about swimming is the refreshing sensation that comes after that. Haha. So refreshing that when it mixes with the damp cooling air of the night, it mulls your senses to a very dreamy state, such that everything in the world around you doesn't seem so harsh anymore. And everybody you meet seems to shine.
That's when I decided to take a walk at 2130 in the night haha. And I realised Rosenheimerplatz houses lots of hotels. The international Hilton Hotel (Muenchen City) is there too. There is this Gasteig, Holiday Inn as well. Lots of tourists there. Coincidentally, I met a US mechanical engineer, Chris, this morning, on my way back from Oly, who is staying at Hilton Hotel as well. We had fun talking haha. Well he was pretty impressed with Singapore to start with. LOLX.

I was never really a swimming person. But once in a while, you have to let yourself try something out of the normal routine, I guess. There are just too many things to care about and hold on to, but too little things you want to let go off. Most of the time because you do not know what will happen if you let go...

Well, I enjoyed the relaxation, enjoyed the night walk home and the lights of Munich, after the swim... So, why don't you?


xin|i said...

i love the feeling after swimmming and walking too.. haa =)

jm said...

yeah manz.. it feels great

aquabot said...

Thanks for that...Its really a treat to go for...How about the Autumn season..I mean summer is over!!! How's they gonna use it in this off season. Anycase love to visit next time in hot humid this historic luxary....