Sunday, May 6, 2007

Squash and Toytown

I found these people who play squash in Munich!!

Well they call themselves Toytown. The general idea of Toytown was that Munich's quality of life is too perfect and unreal to be a town, so the analogy of a toy. The website service extended to the whole of Germany. It is really a well-maintained and very informative website. It provides information about food, sports, news etc etc and most importantly, there are forums which is catered to the transient nature of the people registered in TT, such as auctions and sales of furniture and electronics, they even have a forum for free give-outs; Chongwee got a 17'' monitor lorz... It's catered to the English-speaking community in Germany, so naturally alot are expatriates. Enough of TT, if you want more info, check it out! And it's really worth it.

The courts are at Schwabing fitness centre at Winzerestrasse, near Hohenzollernplatz U-bahn. Check out the signs which read 'squash' and initially I thought that room was a squash court.. It can be like that in Singapore because it often leads underground. But it turned out to be a parking lot!!! OMG!!!

Anyway 6 people turned up for squash today. There was John, who deals with Magnetic Imaging, James, who is the main organiser, both of whom I think were from UK, from their accent, then there's Conrad, from Australia, a lawyer, and there's Andrew and an Egyptian Fady, a beginner in squash. The Schwabing squash centre can rent out squash shoes and rackets!! Amazing! Shoes are for free even!! But it was very expensive, considering 9 Euros per person, for 3 hours, 2 courts, shared between 6 people. The games were pretty fun, at least I was having a fun time relishing the feeling of holding the racket and stepping into the court again... Haha I played almost all of them except James whom they say was supposed to be the best that came today and recommended me to play with him... Well, I din get very good games, but ok lahz, just wanted some fun and some workout.

Oh I got along quite well with Fady, so we decided to catch lunch together after the games. At Hohenzollernplatz near the squash place, at a Greek restaurant. Fady lives opposite the squash club, so knows the areas pretty well though the first at that Greek restaurant, Eala. Dun even know how to write the name... Check out my dish. It's called Mousaka. Supposedly because Egyptian food and Greek and Turkey food are almost the same, Mousaka is a native dish to all 3... It's made up of layers of eggplants, onions and lamb... Looks really like Lasagne!! Amazingly the eggplants (Aubergine, auf Deutsch) tasted delicious! Usually I dislike eggplants but it was really good, and it was served with salad. Normal Greek salad with sunflower seeds. Nothing much. But Mousaka is really worth. It's smooth and not too creamy; just right for my taste :p
Apparently it seems people in Europe are pretty into squash, I find that pretty nice hehe... But I think I won't be playing squash so often cos it's too expensive, but I would definitely play like once in a month perhaps? It's after all my favourite sport and the probably the only one I could beat the hell out of people haha.... Must play James manz... Challenge!

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リフィエス said...

you never pwn in squash? no good game? wtf...