Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back in Action!

Ok after all the procrastination, all the nudgings from people, all the say-i-will-do-but-dint-dos, decided to revive my blog! HAHA..

*Interview with the blog -->
JM: So how does it feel to live again?
Blog: erm... I feel... alive? Duh?
JM: ...

Actually seriously, restarting this blog thingy is more for the benefit of myself. Knowing my own personal desire to essay, in order to prevent 'internal harddisk' overload of the motherbrain. Something along the line of the Pensieve of Dumbledore.

The opening ceremony is no doubt in the midst of all the examination maelstrom! Nice huh?!? I think most of the SEP people have no doubt experienced this unexplainable need to blog during exam periods in Germany, and of course there is this post-SEP syndrome, which totally zaps you of the drive to study HAHA.

But ya that zap seemed to have occurred at full blast on me. During my preparation for exams, I actually watched so many movies:

1) High School Musical
- NICE MUSIC, but the plot is, well, about high school love and life, so it can get a bit cheesy. It does make me reminiscent of those young days LOLX.... I am like ah pek liaoz.... Somebody just called me 'uncle' a while ago *faint*

Oh, Zac Efron dint really sing any of the songs here. Some Drew Seeley guy who is the writer of the songs in HSM actually sung them.

2) High School Musical 2
- NICE MUSIC again. Like Vanessa Hudgens vocals... Really nice. "I gotta go on my own way" is NICE! Go grab it! And she has got a pretty face too :P

3) The Devil wears Prada
- Meryl Streep ROX!

4) Transformers
- Unexpectedly terrific!

5) Happily Ever After

6) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
- The book is better, i guess :P

and HK drama serials
- garnered most of Hongkong's drama awards. Watch it in Canto; it's nicer :P

8) 舞动全城
- very nice. Recommended for aunties and uncles HAHA. And of course those social dancing queens and kings, not the hip hop and modern dancing.

- haven finished watching, well it's 60 episodes... But it houses a huge cast of first-line HK actors and actresses.

I am amazed (and disgusted) by how much ill-discipline and bochap-ness for my exams, final year no doubt... But well, I am a TV-addict....... I shall give some leeway.....

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