Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It was raining cats and dogs after my exams today. Like heralding the closing ceremony of my round 1 battle LOLX. But well, glad to say, I think I KOed the foe. *all right!* Then again, this is not the paper I was most scared of. I am still waiting for my "tutor", to consult concerning my stats paper on Sat :P

Yesterday was talking online to one of my closest friends, on the eve of my first paper. But well, I dun think exams should be an excuse to friendship talks especially when I am sick of studying already :P She said she has "commitment phobic" and what do I think of marriage.



Stunned for a moment.

Well, the fact is I have not really thought of it. Haha... Firstly cos it's the season of exams. Duh... But most importantly, cos I dun even have a girlfriend. So never really thought I would be really faced with such a matter, until yesterday that I realised this is a very true phase that I might be going through in future. I mean, 20 plus of my life on this planet earth, I seemed to be just accepting things as they come. Extra things are usually chucked one side; don't-trouble-trouble-unless-trouble-troubles-you kind of a attitude. So the bottomline being, I realise I have nothing to offer in exchange for her questions.

What I then realised was, she already has certain things somewhat planned for, although still uncertain and shaky, she has somehow sort of a gist. Well, that's my careerwoman friend for you. I come to a conclusion that somehow or other, like a sudden bolt from the blues, people will know what they want, what they need at a certain age in time. Call it wisdom or intuition or what, but arcane as it may sound, it really does happen.

My heart goes out to this close friend who have finally found someone truly deserving of her, after really lots of twists and winds in her life, I am glad she seems to have found her "one" :P >> to her: Life is unexpected. Deal with it haha.

But it is rewarding as well, because you may be pleasantly surprised by what you might find just around the corner. Provided, of course, then you see it and grab the chance.

"Living in my own world, didn't understand that anything can happen when you take the chance. Never believed in what I couldn't see, I never open my heart to all the possibilities.... It's the start of something new."

Although maybe a little too soon, I hear church bells ringing in the distance already....

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