Monday, November 26, 2007

Changi Airport Terminal 3

Well, today hasn't been very eventful, well, studying... So nothing new. Studying for this "Changing Landscapes of Singapore". Today, I covered globalisation and engineered landscapes in Singapore. As you might have guessed, these are not chapters 1 and 2; meaning I am trying to spot questions "P

Since I am on this topic of globalisation, I might as well, talk about my most recent excursion to the most coveted Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3!! With XL, our camera girl, and YC, our SNAG (ok dun beat me up... exam tmr shouldn't be reading this ya know... lolx. It's a compliment anyway.. zzzz).

Well, terminal 3 (T3) is not officially open yet. Just that it is open to the public now for viewing, till December I think. Please click on the link for more information.

It was impressive, I mean, it's new and large, but I was kind of expecting something really out of the ordinary, in terms of the structure. Anyhow, the main thing that attracted me was the roof, which is engineered with reflectors. Why engineered? Because these reflectors are supposed to be for the purpose of reflecting natural light in the day. I was really amazed at how this whole engineering thingy works, because the LARGE ENTIRE terminal, was actually quite bright, with energy-saving lights that day.

I was kind of expecting something out of the green wall, but well, fall short of expectations. But the whole concept of integrating greens and blues (changing landscapes...) into the airport: lounge-in-a-garden concept and the butterfly park, was quite fascinating actually. But oh well, limited to long-haul flights of SIA, Emirates and some other bigger air carriers. No Lufthansa I am afraid. Hopefully I get to be in T3 the next time I fly :P And get to really see it in action.

Then we witnessed some Bangla people throwing the dummy luggages. Literally throwing... Xinli was kind of scared about the way our luggage might have been treated. Well, I would want to think because they know they are just dummies, so....

While I was on this, I did a check on the rankings of air carriers and rankings of airports 2007; Munich airport is most popular EUROPE airport!!! Though I still find Schiphol (Amsterdam) much nicer, o well, preferences I guess. Top 3 airports are Asian airports and air carriers! Our dear Changi tied with Seoul in 2nd place! *APPLAUSE* Plus some other accolades.

Well, I can't say much for a lot of things, but I do love Singapore's airport :P

I wonder why...

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