Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Round 1 starts... soon.

Ok my first paper starts tomorrow... Changing landscapes of Singapore....

Now my head is flooded with the jargons and concepts which I tried to squeeze.... Hopefully I perform tomorrow..

After taking so many exams (for my entire life until today in fact), I thought I should be ok by now. It never stops gnawing... grrrr.... I guess some things in life never stop. Like exams and tests. ALWAYS... There is bound to be these things call exams and tests somewhere somehow sometimes. People can't seem to want to make life easier for other people.

And sighz, I am hungry again. It always happens when my adrenaline rushed. Either I feel like going to the toilet or I am hungry... Is there something wrong with my hypothalamus or is it the pituitary?

Does anybody have any snacks to eat?

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