Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Day after Tomorrow...

... will be the day I do not have exams anymore. For this semester at least.

Why the hell am I not happy?!?

Because on this bloody eve of my bloody last paper which is going to happen in the next 9 hours or so, my SEP coodinator happily emailed me telling

"Hi JM, Please note your credits transfer has been processed by Registrar’s Office, however one of the mapped modules CZ4225 does not exist. Please clarify / remap. Thanks...."

So then I faithfully tried to search for all evidences, on the day I should be preparing for my papers tomorrow. Apparently the bloody module is not being offered and will be replaced by CZ5225, and although they are equivalent, there is no automatic reinstalment; apparently I have to re-map it. After I finished filling out the forms and ready to send and go, I got this

"Should you have any urgent matters regarding SEP, please contact Ms Sangeetha at 6516 4930. Thank you."

Ya thanks so much for making my day....

If there is one thing I learn in Germany, it would be to take things slowly.... Even if it's for efficient Singapore.... *Breathe, jm, breathe*

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