Monday, December 10, 2007

One week

PHOTOS and VIDEOS of COMPBIO CHALET - Please click here

The past week ensuing the exams is a tightly packed series of activities... Now let's see what I had:

05 Dec 07 (Wed):
Last day of exams - T3 Re-visit with my family!

06 Dec 07 (Thurs):
Comp Bio Chalet at The Chevrons

07 Dec 07 (Fri):
Settlers' Cafe Outing with XL, Kat, Grace, Ian and Wilson

08 Dec 07 (Sat):

09 Dec 07 (Sun):
Nua at home with my mum and bro... basically playing &... erm playing haha

Ok maybe it doesn't seemed that packed. But just to know that I have activities planned out after my exams really made me look forward to post-exams days very much. And it was really well-spaced out coincidentally; I have ample rest and ample fun throughout.

Changi airport T3 visit with my family was really suay. Collided with their flight testing. Apparently some selected people are already able to board the plane from T3 during this time. So we weren't able to enter the waiting lounge with the 800-dollar seats which I did see and sit the other time. Seriously I didn't feel any difference haha. But I felt it a pity for my mum, dad and aunt. They would have enjoyed the complete tour instead of a half-fuck one. Well the only plus point was that, it was FREE, cos they forgot to tell the public about the flight testing, so they decided to be nice :P

Compbio chalet was quite fun haha... Hadn't had so much laughter (and alcohol) since coming back from SEP haha... We stayed up till 7 am in the morning before we knock out!!! Well, though I wasn't the closest of friends to them, I did enjoy the company and games and all. Mahjong, Bridge, 'Daidi', Truth or Dare and The Ultimate Number (LOLX literally - 终极密码) and what-have-we's. The barbeque was a little haphazard though haha. Apparently my days of OAC have left only remnants of outdoor survival skills. Took us quite a while to set AND re-set the fire HAHA. The number game saw the usual people drinking lotsa Tequila haha cos the effects of alcohol compounded heavily apparently LOLX. Tequila tastes yucks urrgh lolx....

Then we discussed about our graduation trip too, to Vietnam, cos Ph says she can bring us around :P Come to think of it, it is kindda fast. We are the pioneer batch of computational biology people, and I could still remember the angst we had about our modules and the problems we were facing initially. Thankfully, we stuck together as a group a lot of the times and helped each other a lot. Well, I am glad I got to know such a fun-loving group of people.

Settlers' Cafe was COOL! First time there, and I must say I really love it! A bit on the pricey side though. We had sooo much fun and mirth was spreading like wildfire. Ok let's see what we played that day: "I am the Boss", "Pictionary", "Chatterbox"... Only 3... Diaoz.. It was expensive ($9.50 for 2 hours per person) but fun enough. Haha! And Ian made cookies. Quite nice lehz haha... Advert here advert here: Ian makes nice cookies! LOLX. Like it's an 'ing' brand, better promoted in May LOLX... Ok laming again...

Let's go Settlers' Cafe again lehz... We can play the new games from Germany there!!!

Well, the dust is finally settling. New phase, new resolution, new direction. I guess there is a need to pick things up and snap back from play to a more balanced life of work and play.


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