Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fresh from Hell

White hair, black teeth and charred fingers and face - the evil witch! OMG! Now who is this evil spawn of the dark?!?!?


For you may be her next victim!

A: LOLX! That is like how black can...
B: Whoever that is *roll eyes*

Anyway today did my Einstufungstest for German 6. Wouldn't say it was difficult but I didn't think it was very easy too. It definitely didn't help with YC spouting fluent German like no tomorrow to Frau Neumann when I am still at my last comprehension. Implication? He finished the paper long time ago already.... dotz... more dotz...

Then finally get down to doing my FYP, with XL the 'FYP debugger', at Engineering. Met the most number of people at one go: Benja, An Xiang, Darryl, Ruoling and alot of Xinli's friends too. Apparently engine people are now facing this new crisis called "CA2" which they have to wear formally for profs to 'shoot' them down mercilessly. HA. Sounds so much like engine - sadistic, sick and saddening. Don't you just like the alliteration? *dotz*

Just contented that I managed to do some FYP stuff today, after a 2-month drought.

With Einstufungstest out of the way, I am getting ready for my GRE test as well...

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