Saturday, December 1, 2007

LASIK - final verdict

I realised there is increased enthusiasm in my blogging, despite the fact that it is amidst the exams mayhem. Implication --> I am not focusing very well....

Finally I have come to peace with myself about doing LASIK. For those of you who have been stung by my enthusiasm and oscillatory verdicts of doing (or not doing), I think I have finally settled down to NOT doing it.

For those of you who don't know, NUH now offers a $2500 standard LASIK package (there are other forms of LASIK) for both eyes for only NUS students and their immediate family members. Pretty cheap actually, and it's state-linked hospital, so reputable enough, not some dodgy end-of-some-dark-building clinic. Just pop down to the University Wellness Centre at YIH, tell the receptionist nurse you are interested in doing pre-LASIK examination at NUH LASIK centre, and that you are from NUS, to get a card that gives you free pre-LASIK examination (usually costs $100++).

Despite the eye surgeon's high credentials, NUH so-far-so-good reputation, my more-than-optimal eye examination report and of course their (seemingly over)confidence that I would be able to get back at least a 6/12 vision in terms of myopia and a reduction in my astigmatism, I think the main concerns would be:

(a) the risk of operation on my precious eyes, which although stays with only 1-2% of patients, I would say that is still high, considering the number of patients there are

(b) the severity of the side effects

(c) that this is definitely not necessary as my vision, although not perfect, and aid-dependent, other than the hassle of wearing specs and contacts, is definitely not getting on my nerves

(d) the money could have been placed somewhere more useful at the moment, like sustaining my body system, since I would probably have a hard time looking for a job, unless you self-employed people out there decided to employ me of course *hint hint*

(e I can still do it later in my life when I am more or less financially stable and when the technology could have been better, which I think it would, given the research and potential of the market

(f) the timing does not seem correct now, with all the final year shit piling up in the shithole....

(g) and of course my ever-so wise, though conservative, mum

(ok this looks like a LSM4241 essay in point form...)

So I think, na ja, I will hold it off for the moment. And if you all bother to even listen to the news or read the newspaper, there are people who did LASIK in strong and steady Singapore and didn't get a good job done. On the other hand, you will see lots of foreigners at the LASIK centre at NUH who flocked specifically to do it in Singapore, where it's cheaper but more reliable than back in their own country. It's just one centre; imagine the combined number in entire Singapore.

So I guess it's quite safe in Singapore la. Though I am really quite gian, at least for now, I think I will live my life as it is, leaving my eyes alone for the moment.

Status quo....

Oh, for more information, just google "LASIK". There is this "Top 10 reasons to avoid LASIK" website (or something along that line) that has put together the immense hatred, self-righteousness and bitterness of some 'failure' LASIK patients, to discourage you from doing LASIK. Amazingly informative, just as is scary... But bear in mind also from the persective that these people are coming from.

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