Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taipei Part II

Yes, we spent some 3 days in Taipei before we fly back to Singapore.

Taipei really has quite some places to visit! Plus, the food's really good... Thankfully, we missed the 寒流! That very day we left, it came... It was so cold!! And guess what, I actually saw E with her bf and friends with luggage, while we came back from Ximending. My dear was incidentally telling about hostels in Ximending.

And we think, we saw G's ex-bf, isn't it dear?

Anyway... here's some pics I left out on Taipei part I...

北投露天温泉!After showers...
this is a famous place in 九份... 找你找得好辛苦!

Ok here's the real Taipei Part II!!

小美,XL阿姨最小的狗狗。。太冷了它一直在发抖。。 LOLX
她的新发型!!Kawaii ne!
小米也!(2 out of 5 dogs)
XL 最疼的。。。狗狗-宝宝!
中正纪念堂, 自由广场
Princess XL。。。 in her royal toilet LOLX... Yes, this is INSIDE the girls' toilet but only the girls' toilet... The guys' pathetic HA...
WHo's this?!?!
I like Taiwan! LOLX

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