Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taiwan trip Part I and II

Because my dear has chided me for neglecting my blog and that she wants to read some blogs, I decided to add this photo-filled entry, with my enjoyable Taiwan trip. 'Enjoyable' is simply an understatement...

Love the feeling of travelling, cos there is no pressure. Just 2 persons, holding hands and going on adventure =P LOLX.

Anyway, presenting to you my Taiwan trip; the photos are tip of the iceberg:

Taipei 1
-- We spent the first 4 days in Taipei for the fireworks at 101!

Taipei 101 during New Year's eve; with her bro and bro's gf
Call me a glutton, but Taiwanese food is what I love =P
Check out the new costume LOLX


3 days in warm KAoHsiung:
My maiden 高铁 trip is to 高雄!
This is winter wear in balmy 高雄. Suck that!
in front of Confucious Temple; I just love taking photos of her =P
Our 护身mascot 小敦也!
Caught eating again! The 夜市in Taiwan are superb! This is the infamous 高雄六合夜市!
OMG!! We caught that!!


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