Friday, February 6, 2009

Taiwan Trip - 清境农场

I think this place is worth an entire entry of it... My dear and I loved it very much, cos it additionally reminds her of Europe, but to me, it's simply because it's just having both of us alone. This is, imo, the real getaway.

But it really is. High up in the mountains of Taiwan, you can easily imagine the breathtaking scenaries and romantic settings and since it's 农场, you wouldn't miss the sheep and cows and lambs and sheepdogs...

But since it's high up in the mountains, took us 4 hours to go from Kao Hsiung there: took a 客运 (long-dist bus) to 浦里, where we change bus up.

Pictures speak a thousand words:
Scenary when we were travelling up on the bus. Check out the hues of the skies, she loves that color.
Another one when we were travelling up at twilight. Has the feeling you are looking at a 山水画 (other than the fact that it's a tad blur), especially with the houses at the side, like villages.
Shopping mall in the clouds!
Now this is the real farmstead..
A lovely sight...

Guess who's that being whipped?!
Cute lambs, oooooo...
Benediction from the skies above...
Check out the sheep!
It wouldn't be XL without jumping poses LOLX!
This part of the trip holds dear to the heart because it is more than just beautiful scenaries and interesting stories. More importantly, it's a journey both of us took together. Feels like a huge step forward.

I think my dear would agree with me on that.

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