Monday, August 23, 2010


Hamden is a small town north of New Haven, in the Greater New Haven area. You would really need a car to be there, or to travel around the town. For me, there is a bus that runs from New Haven to Hamden (and IKEA) for 22nd, 28th and 29th for free. So I decided to hop down to Hamden Plaza today. No it's not ONE shopping center (like in Singapore), it's in fact a huge compound comprising of carparks and eateries (Chili's, Wendy's, Mac, TGIF...) and the hypersupermarkets (like Walmart) and big shopping centers (like Staples, Stop and Shop).

For dual purpose of going to the Walmart and also to see what's Hamden is like, I decided against IKEA ("i"-"k"-ya).

The whole place is huge, but I still think Munich's Walmart (the one that closed down) is much larger since it had 2 storeys and lots of groceries. So, unfortunately, I couldn't find most of the groceries I want in this Walmart but still ended up with lots of goods - most importantly my bedding set (full double bed, of 8 pieces, $34), which I thought was a nice color to spice up the dull-colored room =). I am still amazed by the milk (1 huge gallon @ $2.48). Later on I would realise, most of the items I bought (food and tupperware) are actually already in the house. I also went Staples (stationery mart) to get parts of my desktop accessories - a rotating desktop organizer ($5) and a 3-drawer paper organizer ($8). And just for the lame thrill of having Mac at the country of origin, I had lunch at Mac; the Angus burger is VERY good!! =)

Reached back at the apartment, and trying to figure out to how to actually make the bed... There's a comforter (self-explanatory, basically the blanket), the pillow cases and the pillow shams which I am just going to take them as replacement pillow cases and the problem arrives at the fitted sheet and the flat sheet. I do not have a flat bottom, so the bed skirt's just going to be stowed away. The fitted sheet is easy enough, since Singapore uses that all the time; it's the one with the elastic bands at the sides. But the flat sheet, I have no idea what in the world it is. So I youtubed the thing and managed to adapt what was in the video:

One of those things I thought they only do it in the hotel, but I have to try to adapt it here now... LOLX... Now doesn't that design liven up the place =)

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