Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last Day @ GIS

2nd August 2010 was my last day at GIS. Took me a while to finally settle down to writing this. Well, my dearest got sick and I was caught up in a series of administrative stuff, so... Here's an entry nonetheless.

I didn't think my last day at the institute was going to be anything heartbreaking. Well, for one, the turnover rate there is so high (defiintely not because of the "gruelling" working environment LOLX, but that's another story for another day I guess) that it seems quite like a norm for people to be leaving anyway. As it turned out, while it wasn't downright emotional with sobbing goodbyes and heartwrenching farewells, it still felt kind of nostalgic.
CS was especially earnest in helping me keep memories of my last moments at GIS, helping me take photos. We went for my last gym session at the NTU Alumni Club, where I had spent weekly more socialising with colleagues and friends than actual fitness training LOLX. Thanks CS!! =) And, there was my last RCG weekly meeting. It was CS turn that day and after that, CS and I went to have a tea break at the Rockymaster. J would have joined, if he wasn't on course. Hope you are enjoying yourself there haha.
We met E on the way there!! Speaking of coincidence =) He joined us for a while. We really had a great time reminiscing and chilling and of course, somehow it always comes back to genomics research - the one thing that bound us in the first place. Incidentally as well, M and T wanted to return money to CS for my farewell lunch last week and I was glad I get to meet my Thai friends for the last time before I fly off. We go a long way back manz, back when we were just interns... Send my regards to K in Thailand ya =) I am sure with T and K's diligence, your phDs will be simply splendid. Take care!!
Just 10 minutes before I was due to leave for HR department to return my security pass, I decided to say my last parting farewells to people I know... That's when I realised, I had to start combing from Level 4, 7, 8 and then finally back to Level 3. I had wanted to meet alot more people... But alas, there wasn't really enough time. So I left a farewell email to everybody at GIS. At this juncture, I really want to make a full version of "thank you"s (that I wasn't able to on the blanket email) of all the people at GIS that have made my 2 years there extremely exciting, memorable, fruitful and rewarding:
1) Andr, Pad, Kelv, Ch Tin and Alv, for always expediting my IT requests, alot of times as personal favors and on top of their already heavy schedule. Extremely thankful though I am sure you guys would say those are tremendously trivial tasks, still, thank you. To Gare, don't run too much ya... addiction (of any kind) is seldom a good thing =) Keep up the camaraderie and trips to the gym though! Thumbs up for healthy lifestyle haha!

2) Ch Wei, H'en, for your occasional chats
3) Ken and JiaN, for your ready approachability when I asked for advice.
4) my RCG team mates! Like I mentioned in my farewell speech, I love how the group, despite having different portfolios, would patiently help each other with no reservations. Take care people! To Atif, thanks for granting me almost total freedom in my work, and all your care and concern, really appreciate that. To KS, sorry you have to handle the full brunt of all the sh** that is coming now. JIAYOU! To CS, Owl, 小Paul, J - my best lunch and gym buddies - hope you guys like the parting gifts I made. Keep in touch on FB or MSN ya and may the force with you =) I am going to miss all the jive and chaff and mirth. To J, in particular, thanks for being my friend right from the very beginnning and stuck by me despite my whinings and complaints and what-nots, dishing out your insights and advice to a naive me that just started out in the working world as a fresh grad =) We will all keep in touch!
5) Vik, Mark, JJ and YY for your advice, help, guidance and have always felt I owe much of my current achievements todate to you guys. And also, Ed, despite not having met you in person, thank you for your emails.
6) XueL, R, E and A, all the best for your phDs and work!! We might meet in US one day (definitely FB though) =) It's always entertaining, a great pleasure and learning experience to work or have lazy chats with you guys at the pantry, or online.

7) Rec Club, for making my first DnD a blast in the first year (haha!)
8) Cynt, for giving me ample opportunites and your advice and help!! Thank you!!
9) Chang H, it's always entertaining talking to you haha. Get married soon!!
10) Soni, Yang, KK, Eil for all the help in my projects. Congrats on your promotion too, Soni!
11) Mich, Shar for giving me a great impression of HR!! LOLX
12) HuiQ, Astr, for all our chats online and good luck!
13) Dev, for simply being such a great friend!!
14) 大Paul, better late than never =)

Ok, that was quite a feat, trying to remember people... lolx

GIS was a place of serendipity for me. It started off with a serendipitous interview, followed by (odd) fatalistic forces that propelled me into the realm of research (although my job scope does not entail "research" per se) and subsequently graduate school. Somehow, retrospectively now, it feels like I have just alighted from a roller coaster ride. You went in not knowing how the ride would be, then you get to experience an adrenaline rush and a high that leaves you wanting more. Touching down from the mad ride thereafter, gives you a discombobulated sense of simultaneous surreality and satisfaction - it's like you have just crawled out of the rabbit hole after slaying an evil fire-breathing dragon called Jabberwocky. You grew confident of what you want now, at the same time, you grew jitters of what the future holds for you. But you take that step forward all the same.

Thank you GIS, for creating such a genial environment, and all my friends and colleagues at GIS, for allowing me to laugh and whine, to err and grow. It is you guys that made the difference =) A final thank you. Take care all and keep smiling!! And because the world is round (*laughs stupidly*), we might meet again somehow, someday, somewhere, sometime in some future. So keep in touch!! (the power of technology indeed). =)

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