Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the start of something new

The HSM song is broadcasting in my new Creative Inspire T3030 speakers =) Well, actually, technically, it's a second-hand used product. But still in very good condition. I got a new wireless printer (it's new because the person who gave me has never used it before) and a rice cooker (second hand). Hoping to really cook something one of these days. Am malnourished I think, haha. But that happens when I get alot of things to do... It's something I cannot break out of haha.

Well, today went to another part of the campus - School of Medicine and the School of Public Health - which is a distance away from the downtown area, for safety training courses. This got me pretty excited because I haven't explored that part of town yet. So I took the Yale shuttle for the Red Line, which is just around the corner of my apartment, and brings me directly to the medical school. I missed the first bus, which usually is ok, but today, the temperature is 17 degree celsius and SUPER SUPER windy (I seriously felt an additional bounce when walking with my bag, which is filled with things), making it not a good weather to read newspapers or any materials or any form of waiting for that matter =( Anyway, I got through the training, which I thought was done pretty rushed, and weird, for my first EVER class at Yale. But lunch was amazing. They have these food carts that line the entire street to beyond! Hahah, got Thai food from this lady who thought I needed more food (i.e. skinny) so she gave me extras FOC =) The serving is humongous. That's when I realised, the sparrows are pretty huge here too HAHA. And eating out on a windy afternoon, with overcast sky (not raining) and great greenery, and amongst pre-med, med students, doctors, nurses and medicine-related personnel aren't such a bad thing haha. Sometimes, a change of scene is extremely refreshing and uplifting.I then headed down to HGS (I walked, for about 20 minutes, because I missed the bus again) for the New Haven Info Fair, which was a blast. Totally. There were so many discount deals and so many new things to discover: from zipcars just parked around my apartment (and the lady said nobody ever used those from that area), phone deals (cross my fingers), to theatre, books, travel, libraries, recycling, food and discount coupons. Expectedly, LOTS of people turned up. Who would miss such good deals? Only those that didn't know them in the first place I guess...

OISS organised a discussion group for "Winning strategies in studying" or something along that line LOLX. I met W there again (we met at the Info Fair too) and caught up a little. We actually started talking about pizzas and sushi. I got to know 2 more friends (hurray!), R, from Israel and doing phD in Applied Math and R, from France and doing phD in Applied Physics and is in the same PEB program as I am (double hurray!). We got into a really enjoyable discussion on our fields and academic lives thus far before we exchanged contacts and parted. Will catch up with you guys again!! =) And there are also 3 Taiwanese there. Probably because of XL, I got this fuzzy attachment to Taiwanese LOLX. Inexplicable indeed.

That marks the beginning of a series of orientation this week... Stay tune =)

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