Friday, August 6, 2010


Taking a break from packing. Packing is seriously a pain in the ass LOLX... Plus I am allergic to tropical dust mites... cowz... I was sneezing, blowing my nose and dripping (from my nose, ewwww).

Generally, I have to vacate my bedroom, so that either my aunt or HL or a new tenant can take this place when I go US - meaning, I will not have a room when I come back for vacation. Not that I object vehemently, just that the thought of "diminishing presence" doesn't bode well. LOLX... I have things from work - 1 pile of literature, books and stationeries, and accoutrement. I have to decide between throwing, keeping and bringing. The first 2 shouldn't be hard I guess, it just takes a lot of time. The hardest to pack are the things to bring to US... I have never exactly experienced winters, so the "winter wear" section will be tough. Should I bring my books over? I am thinking maybe not... The library there should have most of the things I need, at least the library at TUM allowed me to hold on to a book for the entire semester LOLX... We will see if I need to ship my books over. For now, they're not coming with me. Any suggestions for packing?

I have found a substantial number of CDs, comics, books (fiction and non-fiction), biology books, German textbooks, computer programming textbooks etc. etc that I can give away... If anybody's interested, just drop me a line.
Ok, got to head back to packing; I need to pick up some things later and do some purchase. Then, maybe I can start doing some packing of my luggage and see if I really need to send over anything (hopefully not). Maybe I should get down to writing that list my X wanted me to write.

O well, get to work!

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