Sunday, February 13, 2011

Documenting my 'seasons'

Sometimes, I feel I am like an insect (seriously, I once dreamt I was a cockroach... of all things... zzzz). There are certain parts of a cycle dedicated to certain activities: feeding, moulting, actively social...

I have an epiphany suddenly that I should try to document that. It should have been done eons ago given my self-discovery of such a characteristic. But I wasn't interested in spending my time on such a seemingly frivolous (or inane) activity. Right now, I think it will be interesting to see how my cycle changes and make observations. Also, to my own benefit, the predictability of such a cycle.

After the Winter Ball yesterday, I have decided to tag Feb as my 'unsocial' season. Using the months as a time gauge can be fallacious but good as a more intuitive demarcation method.

Month: Feb
'Unsocial' season

Defined by: outwardly obvious social awkwardness, the inability to engage in sensible conversations even within familiar cliques or on familiar topics, frequent mind-blanks and incompetent articulation of oneself. And lack of desire to take photos and be taken.

This might not be demarcated by months, but instead by some other factors TBC. This can also be a triggered effect. For instance, dancing next to a boombox can trigger a flight response. Then, it no longer can be classified as a seasonal habit. Further prospective and retrospective examinations are required.

The road to self-discovery is long and arduous indeed.

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