Sunday, February 6, 2011

Recruiting weekend

I have never done a recruiting weekend before. This was something that bugged me as well. Like international students were not always invited I guess. There were 14 prospective students for this year from all over US. I volunteered to go for the GYPSCY event and the dinner at Geronimo's (which according to Emm serves southwestern American cuisine - nachos and bean-based).

It turned out I was seated in between 2 of the prospectives at Geronimo's. Probably they were tired, because they didn't seem very interactive at first. I didn't know how to continue a conversation that involves minimal input from the opposite end. Thank goodness Emm and Bec were sitting nearby and we were all kind of drawn to their conversations. Emm and Bec are really good at chatting. I have long acknowledged that I probably will not master the art of schmoozing during this lifetime, but I thought I might have improved just a teeny little bit since I arrived in the US. Apparently that tad bit wasn't measuring up to the expectations of the occasion, what with exhausted minds and an inept schmoozer LOLX.

Maybe I was tired too, talking without thinking much. Some of my worst articulation yet. But well, I get affected by the vibes of the circumstances pretty easily... Excuses? Probably. Still, I will like to think the night was surprisingly a more retrospectively-fulfilling night of self-discovery, than it was when I was there, and seeing everybody engage in vivacious conversations, while I am struggling to keep myself rooted to that chair.

I also felt a little sensitive to the fact that every time I mention to some people (let me emphasize, NOT all, just some) I am from Singapore, there is this momentary hesitation on the other side of the conversation. Brief but palpable. Like perhaps they were hoping I am from some God-forsaken corner in the US with some undiscovered mixed accent and not some non-US Asian ("alien" as they call non-residents in legal lingo). I swear I can literally hear a "click" sound in the background when they made that connection between "accent" and "Asian". Haha. A little touchy there, self-deprecating even, but I ought to be at peace with and rise above such things now, after some (again, it's SOME, and I really like Germany alot) ordeals I had in Germany. *lame J*

Will love to know the people a little more, not only the new people but the old acquaintances at the table as well. But I guess sometimes, it takes more than just mere talking to get connected.

The food at Geronimo's was cool though. The desserts were pretty interesting - a spicy chocolate (from chipotle) and lime tequila tarts. Next time can probably bring XL to that side of town for some nice fancy restaurants.

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