Saturday, February 5, 2011


Went down to meet up with G and D and the new prospectives for visiting weekend. It's my first visit to GYPSCY. It was so funny when I was going there, I saw this bunch of people and I figured they would be heading to GYPSCY too. It turned out I was following behind Ger all the while!! Totally shows how oblivious I am to people indeed. Note to self, be more conscious of your surroundings =)

I am not exactly a pub-goer person or a party animal but it was good today to just talk to friends and meet new ones. I am just glad I made great friends in NH.

Hope tomorrow's dinner will be good too. Wonder if informal wear will be enough.

Just an observation: some of those new prospectives didn't seem at all interested to talk to me haha. *shrugs* Not that I have anything exceptionally interesting to offer.

Anywayz, I should stop dawdling.

"Karaoke" sounded so different from the way I was so used to hearing that I didn't catch it at first!! hilarious...

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