Monday, February 14, 2011

My first attempt and experience at Scientific Journalism

Finally after 4 months of gestation, my very first tiny step in scientific journalism got accepted and is going to be published in the Yale Journal of Medicine and Biology. Another thing to add to my CV!! =)

But it was an interesting experience. The initial idea was actually to cover a symposium organized by the new Yale Institute of Systems Biology. But I ended up volunteering to interview the director of the new institute. It was really an enriching experience. The review process was gruelling though. It's not as bad as peer review research papers, but I did not agree with the reviewers at so many junctures that half-way through I wanted to just give up and not write anymore. Thankfully I pulled some late-nighters and pushed through. Hopefully it will be well-received by the general reader. Well, even if people don't read it, at least I got that out there.

Can't say I really like it. But it was an experience all the same. Thanks to all who gave me helpful comments and support!! Really appreciate them all!

Will update again when it gets officially published.

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