Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Plantronics 903 and 903+ headphones do not charge/no power

Previously my headphone from Plantronics SUDDENLY played dead and wouldn't turn on. It was irritating because it happened just right a few days BEFORE I was about to leave for Singapore.

So I scoured the Web for any resolution. It turned out there were a slew of complaints and yelling and profanities on this problem but the gem of a solution only turned up after my persistent search on page 2 of this forum and in the middle: http://soundingboard.plantronics.com/t5/Mobile-Bluetooth-Headsets/backbeat-903-no-power/td-p/4451/page/2

For archiving purpose and for those of you lucky enough to find my page or the forum above:

I found a solution you connect the device to the charger and keep the on/off button pressed like 5 seconds, at the same time you unplug the AC charger and reconected so the blue light truns on
iIT worked for me and I had the same problem they just died when I listened to music no sweat no nothing 
---- Dna

TIP 1: This works for 903+ as well!!

TIP 2: this doesn't always work the first time. The first time this happened to me, it worked like a charm (happy). The second time I have to try a couple of times relentlessly (DON'T give up) before it came back to life.

I like the sleek design of the bluetooth device. Hopefully I get to use it a year or 2 more.

Let me thank "Dna" again. Whoever you are. You sure made a lot of people happy with that simple post.

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