Friday, November 11, 2011

WCUB 2011 (What can you be with your PhD)

This is a 2-day career convention at NYU Langone Medical Center. I must say this is the most informative career convention I have been to. The panel of speakers were engaging, cordial and candid and the participants asked really pertinent questions.

I went for the seminars in resume writing, mentoring, grant and fellowship application writing and careers in the pharmaceutical industry. I think there are some tips covered in this convention that people looking for jobs in general can use, like resume writing. I have some notes if anybody is interested. You can drop me a line.

This also serves as a short getaway from the work that is being piled up. Chelsea Market is just awesome! Thanks G and P and O for suggesting it!!

Where we cut our hair - 196 Centre Street NYC.
New Haircut - not too bad for 27 bucks?

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