Friday, November 11, 2011

Primate sequencing

The first primate to be sequenced was the human3 in 2001, followed by the chimpanzee4 in 2005, the Indian rhesus macaque5 (Macaca mulatta mulatta) in 2007 and the orangutan6earlier this year.

Not surprisingly, genome sequencing projects for nonhuman primates have multiplied, with projects on gibbons, baboons, bonobos, gorillas, African green monkeys, squirrel monkeys, galagos (bushbabies), pigtailed macaques, aye-aye (lemur), sooty mangabeys and other species underway or planned


Almost all the primates are endangered species, mostly because of humans encroaching and destroying their habitats. Now, we are sequencing them and using them in our science experiments, so we do want to save them. Someday, when this loop-sided tug-of-war finishes, I wonder who will be the last ape standing.

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