Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Gift Wrapping - How to tie a gift bow on a Christmas present

For my Xmas this year, I learnt how to tie a bow on a Christmas present from Youtube!! 

A new handicraft skill I think I will forget soon, so I definitely need to document it somewhere with the videos with some annotations:

1) Take a free end, form a loop, then twist!
2) Twisting is the key, hence this tests your finger dexterity, since you need to be making multiple loops.
3) Lastly, make a final twist, then estimate how long of a free end you gonna need to bundle up the loop in a knot.

I do like this one, because she makes present wrapping look so posh, with velvety/glittery ribbons and wrappings:

And this one uses streamer-like ribbons (as I would like to call them). So it's slightly different from the one above, but just as neat.

I am having fun trying out different gift wrapping techniques, color combinations and gift choices/making.

Enjoy the holiday season people!

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