Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Failures suck. But I guess that's how they are supposed to feel.

I think I am starting to deal with them though. Appropriately.

Re-learning life skills that I should have decades ago. Singapore should learn to let her citizens go take risks sometimes. It's really good for them.

Sheltering does produce crops of homogeneously fine quality though. Just that the world out there, is always never the same. And that's why even Nature promotes heterogeneity and variations. It's interesting when you look at bottlenecks and natural selection. Sorry, I digress. Somehow, I have this impression that the strategy Singapore was adopting is starting to change. It might lead to catastrophic consequences. But I guess, change is constant.

Oh well, the ambivalence of life.

C'est la vie. And a new phrase I picked up: La vita e bella. It's amazing just to be alive

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