Monday, December 12, 2011

Failures to success

The idea of failures en route to success has been supported, discussed, widely disseminated to bits that I don't think I should put more to it... Well, just one more article maybe.

An extension to this idea is the introduction of this concept in education. I truly think children and adolescents should learn how to handle failures when they are growing up... Even to the extent of spiking those naive worlds with some 'white failures'. Of course, the counterargument might be the palpability of these 'failures' and how they might (adversely) impact the later lives of the young ones. And that extra-curricular activities contribute enormously to this aspect of education already.

I guess my point is that education is also about imparting life skills. And I am not talking about teaching it in the theoretical sense, but something dynamic, practical and leaves a deep impression, so that they can learn in an applied manner rather than the didactic, often intangible form.

While perhaps passively letting nature take its course might be an option, I think there is still room for such introductory life lessons.

"A lively culture is nebulous, indefinable, ever-changing. Try to package it in a formal mission statement and you just may suffocate it."

"When you make a mistake, you're forced to look back and find out exactly where you went wrong, and formulate a new plan for your next attempt. By contrast, when you succeed, you don't always know exactly what you did right that made you successful (often, it's luck)." 

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