Thursday, December 8, 2011

States of my brain

Clear, lucid state
-I have clear focus.
-Bent on finishing tasks.

Semi-lucid state (more-than-half lucidity)
-Partial focus.
-Found that music actually keeps the messed-up portion of the brain busy while the lucid portion can be focused on tasks.

Semi-lucid state (less-than-half lucidity)
-Partial focus.
-Music doesn't help. It actually adds on to confusion.

Totally chaotic state
-Almost-nil focus.
-Good for automatic tasks like keying in numbers.
-Everything is happening in my head all at once: grabbing ideas, task(s) at hand, mundane issues etc...

Comatose state
-No focus
-I am basically a walking zombie.

Sometimes I find music helps. Surprisingly, going through Facebook sometimes help too.

Ongoing discussions of relevant issues definitely help.

But if I need a reboot, I try
1) play computer games
2) play squash
3) go to the gym
4) take a nap

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