Monday, September 2, 2013

Arthroscopy Final

My surgery was 10th June 2013. Now it has been almost 3 months.

There is no pain at all when walking, jogging and post-jogging. The only time I felt a little discomfort is when I bend my knee for too long, due either to sitting down or crossing my legs.

For you guys out there, this is just a feel of the timeline (abridged):

1 week : walk with crutches
2 weeks: walk with limping
4 weeks: walk normally
8 weeks: jogging with post-jogging pain and discomfort; able to travel
12 weeks: normal walking, jogging and post-jogging. discomfort when bendings.

Throughout the whole process, my motto is not to rush things. I tend to add a few days more in addition to the doctor's and physical therapy's instructions, unless they specifically insisted.

I have only tried squash once so far. I will start easing into it slowly.

Hope this helps to give an idea of the timeframe.

And I just received my bill of a $100. It's apparently not free then. But at least it's not $10,000 =)

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