Sunday, September 5, 2010

BBS orientation

This is long overdue!! Haha! Anyway, taking a break from MATLAB... Better late than never!

BBS orientation, which happened on 27th August, is catered specially for the Department of Biomedical and Biological Sciences (BBS). So if you noticed by now, the orientations go in an inverted V in terms of the people involved, starting with Graduate and Professional Schools, narrowing down to BBS, then next week to Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CBB) and lastly to the Integrative Graduate Program of Physical Engineering and Biology (PEB).

BBS orientation was held at The Anlyan Center (TAC), in the medical school campus. As usual, Yale feeds us very well. Apparently, we have free food at almost every single event! Please don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining =) But, I am guessing the main idea of such is for socializing purposes. Such is common in Singapore too, but people seldom use the opportunity to interact, that's all.

So, we started with breakfast (myriad of breads and cordials). In the midst of eating, I met up with my CBB group for the first time! Our registrar, LS, was oozing with motherly love, and I immediately took a liking for her. I got to know too that despite there were only 7 of us, it was already considered a large class (previous years were really small that is).

Prof J. Alv kickstarted the orientation with Prof L. Cool., our BBS director. I particularly like the "OSMOSIS" information booklet. Aptly named of the supposedly natural physical process that is required to absorb (but very so often eluded us :S). But "ACTIVE TRANSPORT" might prove to be more apropos of the ACTUAL process.
Subsequently, we met our direct CBB senior, Dan, who gave us a tour of some of the more relevant facilities of the medical campus. This ended with lunch at the Graduate Club, which is this posh-looking Victorian (??) "private membership club est 1982". Check out the spread! If just looking at those make you drool, really, imagine being there! XL will swoon over the pastries LOLX!

It was really cool to meet everyone for the very first time. Some of them seemed so young!! (o.o||| Also, found out then G just got engaged =) Congrats once again!! Hopefully, we will all build a great camaraderie and friendship.

Hel, Ja, Yao, Show, G, Dan, Darr (L to R)
Ok, now back to homework...

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