Thursday, September 30, 2010

Studying at Yale

It's been more than a month. Studying at Yale has gotten more or less in into a routine of some sort.

Everyday, I will pass by some streets. This is nearing end of summer, where the trees are green and lush. Now it's redder, and the ground littered with dead leaves. But if weather and time permits, you can get your spirits up really by just walking down these picturesque streets... 

Physics undergraduate lounge is one of my favorite haunts now. Physics, the bane of my life, is what I mean partly studying now - what an irony huh. Well the lounge when I first saw it, makes me wonder how come I wasn't really attracted to those lounges in NUS... LOLX... They weren't that bad la, but this was different. You have a lounge that overlooks the city, coffeemaker (not free), blackboard and armchairs for relaxing and intellectual discussions on homework and assignments (many people use them really), FREE textbooks to browse through (they probably won't survive the onslaught of NUS students)
Then there's the physics graduate lounge. I kindda like the idea of having blackboards for discussions. 
This is one of the chemistry buildings with interesting plaques, with the elements such as Ag, Hg, Au etc engraved on them.
My lunch carts. I couldn't survive without them! Great source of food.

One of my favorite haunts: the medical library. Though it's pretty far off, it's one of the most splendid places to study in. It's like studying in a museum, exhilarating feeling at first, but wears off after you found out you still can't solve that bloody assignment problem. They even have exhibits on display... On retrospect, it kindda looks like the library I saw in Prague.
This is my housemate, M. A nurse-in-training at Yale's nursing school. There's also C, an architect, who is so busy I can't get him to take a photo. But we often have fervent discussions, from pharmocology, clinical talks, genomics, biology to architecture and American politics or just about food LOLX. The picture on the right, is my neighbor's cat. She has these piercing eyes, that follow you wherever you go, clearing the rubbish, walking or stoning or also staring at her. It looked like she is going to scratch you to bits anytime...

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