Thursday, September 9, 2010

DMV = pain in the a**

Second time I was turned away from DMV but the three and a half times I have been. Please do not ask me about the half time.

Just for record purposes, and for those of you intending to come to US for studies or work or are here but haven't tasted DMV yet, the following documents are required at DMV:

Primary ID documents (more like a package)
1) Passport with correct VISA
2) with I94
(one of THE most important things to identify you as a LEGAL resident in the US, an entry card from the Homeland Security, you must write this when you are on the plane flying here...)

3) I20
(official University acceptance, issued by the International Office)

4) University International Office letter, preferably with an embossed seal, or any form of identification that you are working/studying here and signed in a color other than black (haha, this is from G. She had this incident when she was sent back because the letter was signed in black and the DMV person thought it was photocopied *faint* and she had L signed in RED LOLX)

5)  Social security denial letter, evidently from the Social Security Office, stating that even though you were denied number, it does not mean you are ineligible for it; the SSO people also lambasted DMV...

6) A letter postmarked, meaning it has to be from the US post office; the letter that was sent to your place by the bank with your debit/credit card doesn't count but surprisingly, the bank statements count. And the DMV peeps actually found that sending postcards/letters to yourself seemed more credible than a mail sent from the bank with your debit/credit card in it.

Secondary form of ID (to further verify you are REALLY you *pinch yourself*)
7) Transcript. Since you will probably just arrive in US, the school will not have a transcript for you or if you are working, you won't have one anyway. I didn't bring mine from NUS. But thankfully it will be in English anyway, otherwise, you would need a LOCAL VERIFIED US translator (UK, where English originated from or Australian not allowed apparently) to convert the transcript language to English.

So, well please be prepared to be sent back a few times.

And to complete this record, something not related to DMV, but the US immigration has imposed a new ruling when I flew from Singapore. Some online electronic system for travel authorization. Even for countries like Singapore, under the Visa Waiver Program. Now even when you travel to the US for a short period of time, you will still need this since it will give you a number that they will verify. A Very trivial, but sure scared the shit out of me when I was at T3. Nobody told me anything about that until this.

I thought German bureacracy was bad....

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