Saturday, September 18, 2010

The eventful first week of September

As life propelled into the the school year full steam, I feel myself leaving lots of memories behind without really sorting them out and looking at them a second time. As D aptly put it, "discombobulation" =) I am heeding G's advice and putting DMV behind (at least until I got all the necessary stuff) and plunging head-first (bad position) into assignments, presentations and lab rotations (which I haven't really decided)... (For more pics, go facebook)

Fall semester officially started on the 1st Sept. Like NUS, they have a "shopping" period, but unlike NUS, you actually get to add the course information to your schedule (or an IVLE equivalent - classes*v2) first, then when you have finally decided, just drop those courses you do not want. The final decision has to be sent to your prof-in-charge via another enrolment webpage. So you have the status of a "shopper" for 2 weeks, till 15th Sept - hence my hectic shopping list. In the end, I ended up with 2.5 courses, and auditing for one more. The other difference is the idea of auditing, in which you are labeled an "auditor", appears in your transcript but not graded. So it depends on the lecturer how much she/he wants you to participate. I think this is a damn cool feature! But I don't like the fact you have to register on 2 sites instead of a combined one - it makes things very confusing sometimes, and somewhat lacks organization.

Our CBB seniors also gave us a treat at C's place. His place is gorgeous!! But probably pricey too... New Haven is said to be famous for its pizzas and hamburgers, Miya's Sushi. So we had pizzas during the senior-treat-junior session. And boy, our seniors can really talk... The whole discussion about profs, labs and courses were mainly dominated by them but it was REALLY informative =) and funny (especially those parts about some of the pet peeves and the behaviour of profs LOLX)... And I realised, all of them have a very strong rapport and camaraderie forged; no matter which year they are from. And... I do envy that... Hopefully, we will grow to become like that too.

Saturday afternoon was spent at touring New Haven and spending some time at balmy and green East Rock Park. It's called East Rock, literally because it is a park on a rock that is formed in the eastern side of New Haven... This is the first time I am there, and I took a liking for it immediately. From East Rock Park, you could see almost the whole of New Haven. People were picnicking and frolicking in the meadowlike greens. Nice weather too, despite Hurricane Earl.

Before my next appointment, I had some time in between. So I decided to sit down at some cafe and do people-watching (or being watched -_-|||). Blue State Coffee cafe's coffee machines ALL broke down... Win liaoz lo... So, I decided to try Ashley's ice cream, claimed to be the best in Connecticut. It wasn't too bad, just that I find the butterscotch too sweet for me. XL might like the ice cream though =)

Saturday evening was with the MASA (Malaysian And Singaporean Association) at Basil Restaurant, which is this Asian restaurant near Broadway. I didn't know there were so many Singaporeans and Malaysians at Yale!! Almost the entire restaurant was filled! Apparently this is the first time there is such a large turnout. Most of them, are undergrads and professional school students. I really like that fact that I get to speak Singlish again haha. Also what I like most about the interactions, is that there are really lots of interesting stories to listen to. So hopefully we will meet again =)

And that was the first time I took the night shuttle back to my apartment; they actually bring you straight back to your apartment from any point in campus. Refreshing experience.

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