Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's mid-autumn festival. The moon is still round on the other side of the globe...

Last Saturday, I met up with a postdoc from AP's lab (a structural biology lab), DH. He is from China but he studied at NTU in Singapore, and before I came over Yale, he willingly helped me with some questions. Extremely helpful and friendly =). He even picked the tab for my lunch that day!! Thank you so much!! It was then I also realised he just arrived in May this year too!! Hmmm, I do not know what you guys think, doesn't DH look like a Japanese?

So, having not tried the famed Miya's restaurant, we decided to hop on down there for lunch. Miya's restaurant is a fusion sushi restaurant, that is supposedly the best in Connecticut and the third best in the whole of USA. But alas, I have come to doubt the subjectivity of the American taste in the face of Asian cuisine, so I have decided to try it myself, dragging DH along with me...
Miya's is located on Howe's Street in New Haven, sequestered away in a quiet neighborhood, just a stone's throw from Broadway. Fortunately, we came early for lunch, there was no queue. One side of the restaurant seemed to be booked for photoshoot though! Anyway, the waiters were all very nice and helpful and that particular one (in the pic) who served us had a good grasp of all the ingredients of the sushi. I was impressed indeed, because all the sushi, are fusion, and definitely not made up of minimal or the normal ingredients, like the ones in Singapore, or those authentic from Japan (which I haven't tried).

Pumpkin soup on the house
We couldn't make up our mind, so we ordered each a palette of sushis that showcase the different array of sushis they have: funkily called "a very hungry inch worm" and "bleu plate especial". BTW, they all have funky names which I couldn't remember LOLX. Taste-wise, not all tinkled my tastebuds the right way: there was the chocolate one which I thought should taste better without the soya-sauce-taste (I am not a big fan). I have tried the sweet potato one, which just isn't my cup of tea. But I am thrilled over the sushi with a tart crust surrounding the rice. It's not like the sushi is sitting in it, but the crust is part of the sushi. That tasted exquisite and exotic, for a sushi lover like me. One common thing I observed, was that they stuffed lots of things into each sushi; at least 3 or 4 ingredients in one single sushi, which is definitely something rare or even unheard of in Singapore. So the next time you guys come over to New Haven, and are looking for some taste-bud adventure, try Miya's sushi delight. You would be in for both surprises and disappointments, but that's how adventures work, isn't it?


xiaohui said...

LOL DH leh!!! my batch mate lah!! ask him if he rem me. LOL

maybe not. hahahahahah

jm said...

he does =) and nihua too!