Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 First Entry

Seriously speaking, blogging is really not a daily affair for me anymore. But well, once in a while when you get to vent your frustrations in 'elegant writing', it does feel good, doesn't it?

Ok the new year doesn't feel very pristine to me because it is still the old me and I haven't out of the blue become super intelligent or super rich or super handsome or super strong for that matter. But well, I guess new year would nonetheless have to mean quite a lot of things: less time for FYP, closer to graduation, less time to look for job etc etc... To tackle these, for one, I have written my resume! And all in one page! *smug*

I prefer Christmas though, despite the fact that my family does not celebrate it. I find the festive mood and the atmosphere that the occasion creates: thanksgiving, friendship, love and hope. It represents a kind of balm that warms in the heart amidst the cold surroundings, even in tropical Singapore. Oh that reminds me, us 26th had an XMAS Yankee Present Xchange gathering on Xmas afternoon. Glad to see my friends as doctors, professionals, students (!!!) turned up. It's been so long really. Looking at them and laughing again together, it does feel good. Thanks JP, for the cookbooks, though I dun think I really can do anything with it haha, and Cher, no, dun think you all will ever come to my house for this kind of eating gathering unless my mum or my future wife happens to cook tremendously well.

New Year's Day itself had me buying my new laptop!! SONY VAIO CR13B.. How I love my new lappie :P Sensuous, elegant and totally sassy! The screen looks good and it even smells good :P But well, it's sony, for the same price I could probably get my hands on one with cooler specs but I couldn't resist a SONY VAIO, though I am sad they sold out the white one. Grrrr.... So ok new laptop. Ok YC, no need to say how good and how good mac is... I know.... *roll eyes*

My new fave is KBOX! Went with CW, YC, XL to KBOX. Haven't seen CW for N months manz. 'Fun' sums it all up. And talking about coincidence: we all wore green! I met YC: "Wah so qiao! We wore green." Then we saw CW:"If XL wears green, then I really dunno watta say. HAHA" CW saw XL in the elevator:"Erm. She is wearing green..." Wicked.

Planning for my grad trip to Vietnam and possibly Bangkok. Then there is possibly this diving trip as well in Aug. It's gonna burn lotsa holes in my pockets. Hopefully, I get a well-paying job. Else, I will really be on the verge of bankruptcy. But wait. I haven't even chosen what I wanna do.

But well, I will take things in my stride.

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