Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So viele Dinge zu tun!!

Amazingly, that was not a complaint!!

I have so many things to do!

1) FYP fYP Fyp and more Fyp -> probably this takes up 60% of my life as of now
2) the omnipresence of homework -> Java programming, German Hausaufgaben, projects
3) then there are shows to watch: Hairspray, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry, new Hong Kong show 酒店风云, then there's the new movie 27 Dresses;

4) then there's the meetings-up; which are amazing because even at this point of the semester, I am meeting up with people. Normal sems, very unlikely. So I would say this is a weird sem;

5) then there's my exercise, which is BECOMING an addiction -> sounds good; we got badminton on Fri, all personnel involved, please remember to bring equipment

6) looking for jobs;
7) planning grad trip;
8) editing resume;
9) of course there's Chinese New Year!!
10) practise German
11) graduating -> excited about wearing the mortarboard and the gown?!?

Oh, oddly enough, I am kindda looking forward to CNY, not only because I might be going Kbox (NO, this is not the total reason, despite popular belief, N-O) *amidst munching pineapple tarts*
Currently now, I am trying to think up new year resolutions and goals amidst these maelstrom of stuff...


Finally, again, I am in control and I think I am getting excited wherever life is bringing me to, even though I have no idea where :P. Well, that's the leap of faith thingy and the 'behind the chocolate box' thingy.

Did you know there is actually someone who never heard of "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get"? Most peculiar allerdings.

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