Thursday, January 24, 2008

Costume Tryout

Dies ist extrem lustig aber macht sehr Spass!!

Ph, my Vietnamese comp bio mate, participated in this In-Fusion thingy, meaning she is part of the organiser. She required a male model/mannequin for some of the ethnic costumes. And she asked me for help.

I was curious and thought it sounded fun haha. So I relented and yah it turned out to be quite fun.

The rest of the crew were quite fun-loving. Now, the photographer was a German, whom I thought wasn't very friendly. He seemed apparently friendlier to the rest of them, who incidentally are girls. I asked him "Which city he came from?". He looked at his camera and replied in a halfhearted way "I do not come from a city." *eyes wide open* Obviously, I offended him in some way but I dunno what. Either he is damn pissed or insulted that I thought he came from a city or he simply hates me. LOLX. Well, not like I gonna entertain such personalities; I have met the likes in Germany before, so I shan't exhibit my temper here.

Sowieso the photographs presented here are only those from my own camera. Those he took, are in the catalogue.

Damn malu. HAHA... I think I spoilt the costumes la. I think one set: the Pakistan one, literally. But well-hidden. Shhh.... Not born to be a model. But well, it was fun (but warm, albeit in an air-con room) trying out the costumes. You all should go try them out next week.

At the end of the day got dragged to help out as a volunteer. *bleah*

But well, I wouldn't refuse a small favour for a friend.

Ok this is trying to be funny...

This is an Indian costume.. Normal one... But why do I look like I got a tummy...

This is a Vietnamese costume! Most difficult to wear; lotsa buttons at the side. Must figure out how to wear it. And if you button all up, it kills the neck. Most fun part is the hat thingy. Cos cannot have fringe sticking out, then they start pegging my hair. One of the girls said my hair very smooth and asked what shampoo I used!!! *wat the* Ok the pose is wrong, cos not suppose to be Chinese. Oh oh oh, Phuong is wearing the female version - red colour one. The patterns are actually quite Chinese-looking: those you see wearing during Chinese New Year.

This is the Pakistani costume I was talking about. Totally white. The pants is practically one piece of cloth wrapped around your waist-down. Nearly dropped while I was walking from the toilet to the place. Dangerous dangerous... But the whole costume is a bit tight to wear, as in it is not tight when you wear it but the process of wearing it is quite tight. Ok I sound confusing, anyway - egal.


Go check out the female costumes as well next week.

Haha, at least I am adding some spice to my mundane last semester in NUS.

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