Sunday, January 20, 2008

First week of school

First week of school sucks big time. Not because it is school (although it always is part of the reason), but also because I have another hiccup with the school administration. It has never stopped happening since I began my university life; every semester's start is surely a vexing procedure of finding profs, finding admin officers and signing forms. Right until my last semester in NUS. Thank god it's the last semester. Gott sei Dank!

But the first week also marked the end of my carefree holidays. But definitely not without some programme lined up in the week haha! Thursday, celebrated LY's birthday and El's homecoming from US and Korea. Had a nice cake! *SLURPz*

Went to watch Korean movie Le Grand Chef on Friday after German class. Quite nice. Not the terrific kindda nice, but it's not bad. Met up with XL's interesting textbook buyer, then met up with YC and XL for dinner. Horrendous anecdotes that should be kept within that Carl's Junior at PS. HAHA! *embarrassing embarrassing*

Then Saturday went to celebrate SM and P's birthday. D and I bought a cake for them and we ate that at Sakae Sushi at Wheelock Place. Well, like always, I ate the biggest portion of it. YUM! Well, can't really resist nice pastries, can I?

Then SM drove us to his friend's pub. Mind you, his friends can only get richer. People wanna buy Porsche in 5 years, and has already 2 credit cards, ok. *gasp*

The friend's pub, Quarubar, is situated at Dempsey Hill, near Holland Road. It's supposed to mean some wood; that this bar is made from it, or something along that line. *scratch head* The first thing you realised is the number of posh cars in the car park and then you see the number of expatriates that hang out there and then you see the kind of restaurants, groceries, pubs that filled the hill - one word 'class'. Really for the elites manz. It really one cut above the rest - a place for the elites to chill. I feel so uneasy when I was there - out of place. Dunno should sit up straight or lean forward or 'are we talking too loudly' HAHA. But the place's ambience was great, superb live jazz band (even for a jazz idiot like me could tell they were good) and well, I had a great experience.

Experiencing the life of people who are up there. There, I felt how 'unclassy' and a country bumpkin, I am haha! As I laughed it off during the gathering, I remembered my friend's words - it doesn't have to matter where you are, just let the confidence flow, of being who you are and you will shine.

Well, it doesn't have to be so hard, I guess :P

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