Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Girl-Boy thing

Ok somebody says when I have long hair, I look like a girl. Then he keeps on droning about me looking like a girl in some photos. Wah buay tahan LOLX. Thanks Dan, for making my day... So now I know I should keep my hair short in order to keep me in the correct gender category.

But anyway, that day outing with Dan, Darryl, JJ and WJ then we were on the topics of sexuality and gender and of course cross-gender. Normally, in these categories, it is often very clear for layman like us, either you are a guy or a girl, it is here or there, no doubts about it. But there are, as things often get more complicated, lots of people who are in the grey areas of life. Then as one grows up, you realise people around gets more sophisticated than who they were. As the 3 of them talked about acquaintances who have changed from 'he' to 'she', taken aback at first, I had not think these things could happen so near. The palpability of the fact kind of took me aback. Then I realise I might have all the while been living in a protected little enclave, where things are too simple and straightforward. Which I like, no doubts, about that little world, where I can view through a little window. Of course, since the window is little....

It's been a while back when I received these chain mails about Thai transsexuals, where the guys look exactly like girls. I had remembered myself not recognising any of them as guys until the last line when they say they are guys!! Or were guys. Wah nearly fainted. As much as I acknowledged the fact they exist, more often than not, people don't feel the force of veracity until when it hits you near.

Currently now watching Coffee Prince, where one of my favourite Korean actresses Yoon Eun-hye acts as a girl, who was always mistaken for a guy. Amazing what image makeover can do. But well, the identity crisis hopefully don't persist too long haha. But she is really pretty even for a guy. And kudos to Yoon Eun-hye for jumping out of the princess image in Princess Hours successfully!!

Then you realise there are really SEVERAL different jargons you can tag to TWO genders: male, female, gay, lesbian, 'butch', 'ah gua', bisexual, transexual... The boundary gets more blur as the list goes on... In the end, for something six-year-old Huiling would regard as simple as 'B for boy' or 'G for girl', becomes not so defined and discrete anymore. Indeed, as one grows up, the world is not as simple as it seems. Always.

Headache. I will leave that discussion to the Arts major students.

For now, I shall just go enjoy my show.

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