Friday, January 25, 2008

Bodysculpting Class

I thought I would try something I have never tried before in the last semester of my NUS life.

This is a fitness class called 'Bodysculpting'. The description says that it is a whole body workout, so I thought it would be a good chance to really let the sweat out. Little did I expect...

...I was the ONLY guy in the entire class!! And the instructress has to make me stand at the front row!!! As if I am not embarrassed enough. I actually even went out of the Dance Studio to check that I really got the correct venue...

Despite the embarrassment at the start, the workout turned out to be extremely refreshing!! It was extremely hard on my lower body especially my thighs. I haven't been working out my lower body due to my knees, but apparently can't really lao kui in front of the girls right, so I have to endure the pain... Call it the male ego.

But I have to confess - the legs workout are killers. Total killers. I was shaking throughout the workout. And after the workout, I couldn't even walk properly! Literally wobbly legs, especially when you are walking down the stairs. SERIOUS! The first time I felt this lead-laden feeling in my legs since my competitive squash days in secondary school; even army wasn't that tough on my thighs and calves, but well it was strenuous in other areas - that's another story.

The upper body workout with weights and pushups are pretty much tolerable, since the weights are like 1kg. The instructress wanted me to go 4kg...

I kind of liked this kindda fitness classes already, especially the part to move with the beat of the music. That's when I realise I have coodination problem. HAHA. Anyway, so I might continue taking up such classes, maybe kickboxing or yoga, after my graduation. HAHA. Anyone I can go workout with? It would be fun in a crowd.

Like Kbox, this might become my next addiction :P

Speaking of which, when is our next Kbox session? Can we get more people?

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