Monday, January 28, 2008

The People's Graph Theory

Sometimes I find it intriguing about people relationships.

Scenario 1:
I know A, A knows B and B knows C, but it doesn't equals to I know C.

Scenario 2:
I know A, A knows B and A and B knows me, but I always meet A without B or meet B without A, never both of them together.

Scenario 3:
I know A and A knows me. But we never talk to each other on the streets. Is it just me or is it him?

Scenario 4:
I know A and A knows B. But B dunno A and A dunno me. Apparently these are not reversible reactions.

Scenario 5:
I know A and A knows B. But B knows me, I dunno B. Hmmm.....

Scenario 6:
I know A and I know B. But A and B dunno each other. This would probably cause everybody in the world to know each other if this kindda thing worked. HA.

Scenario 7:
I know A and A knows B. Suddenly, A dunno B, or dun wanna know B - link becomes fuzzy - unknown connection. Then I know B. Then suddenly A knows B again... Enigmatic...

Care to add to the list?

It gets exponentially more bizarre as the number of people involved increase.

Humans are such arcane creatures... Verdammt!

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