Friday, January 11, 2008

The Winning Formula

Finished watching the relatively new Korean drama, Coffee Prince. Kind of liked it. Despite the fact that it is the same Korean winning formula - guy finds girl irritating at first, funny and nice story line, cool suave rich guy who can spend all the money in the world, short and sweet love story (only 17 episodes). With a twist though. Go watch it to find out. But I must agree not everyone will like it.

But well, Korean dramas can work their magic for as much as they want. But when the craze dies down, another will take away their position. Like the Jap craze that once stormed through Asia.

But till that day comes, I think Korean dramas are still quite nice too watch. :P

Oh I heard Koreans themselves do not really watch their own productions as much as we do in other parts of the world. I guess it's the overseas thing again. Singaporeans watch other people's dramas, other people watches our drama. Damn melodramatic.

Ok onward to watch Grey's, Heroes and Brothers and Sisters.

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