Monday, July 2, 2007

210607 - The Gathering

The story below is not targeted at anybody or anything under any circumstances, emotions and time. I repeat and re-emphasise that what is to come is for fun and laughter, peace and joy, of the common people of middle Earth, fairies and orcs and in-betweens alike. The author does not hold responsible for any consequences unto the text.

The fellowship of the ya-ya brothers-and-sisters-hood gathered around the table of Duelfer-lot and started their last supper of the month together. Our King Arth-Wee has called upon the knights of the Order of the Ruegen-Munix for a little gathering and also to bid our Queen Guine-ying farewell on her final voyage back to the ends of the world, in the land called Singapore, where pirates swoon about the seas called the Internet. It has been dark times. Hence, it was certainly no small task of bringing these great heroes together, from all over the Land, better known as Deutsch-Earth, as they embarked on their journeys of valour in this Land and beyond. Their legends known far and wide...

The house-elf, Dob-ming, bound to the master and the house unfortunately, toiled to wash the toilets and bathrooms above all things, to prepare the Duelfer-lot castle for the arrival of the guests. Through the Pelantir, he made a list of what the guests were to bring as well…

"I shall come forth and feed thou with my fried rice and of course we shall make merry and be merry," commented our merry man (and lady), Wilson and Kat, of the Land of Giants and Hobbits, where both races, thanks to them, have lived in symbiosis for centuries, and many more to come. Legend has it that our giant, Wilson, turns into a giant powerful red pokemon lobster on the concoction called alcohol and Kat, our shrewd and astute impish-hobbit, attacks valiantly through an AGM with razor blade words and needles of recommendations.

"Your rice is venomous! I shall call upon the powers of my magic! From the depths of mirth and merryness! Baileys! Come forth!" Grace Weasley, "Bloody hell! Sorry, I hexxed my transmutation spell again! But never mind, they look the same anyway, just tear away the label, cannot tell right?"

>>>“I think it should be ‘merriness’ not ‘merryness’…” “A spell no need to be spelt correctly one...” “Then why is it called a ‘spell’?” “Oh shut up! Get on with it.”

"And me with my salad, from my humble Garden of Eden. Hail the King and Queen of
Duelfer-lot!" As wisely spoken from our wise-woman Professor Jialin-sprout. The brain-child of the Land had devoted time to the philosophies of nuclear magnetic resonance and their long term effects on her vegetables in the Garden Synchrotron.

"I come with fruits and pastries from the Elven Enchanted Woods of Theriesen-wald," whispered Mel-wen, the evening star of our elven brethren of Middle Earth. It had so been said that Mel the Anie is not afraid anything under the sun, but freaks out under the powerful Chinese words of the White Wizard of the Erlangen Tower.

The night would not be total without the presence of our sea-goddess, Xinlip-to. Recently been released from the sea of the dead where existed the warped timeline of “Today is tomorrow”, she could easily think about the time of today as tomorrow totally. She is famous for her one-time vanishing act in the Battle of Cinema that she did not turn up, (rumoured to have disappeared into a million crabs). She brought fish. Probably caught when she was in her thousand-crab form.

>>>Oh crap! Erratum!! Sorry “million-crab” form.

"And I, from StuStadt School of Magic and Wizardry, shall enchant the evening with Frikadelle - made from the very essence of The Cabbage and a piece of the legendary Dragon. Of which, was slain by our bravest of all warriors. May I present to all, at long last, Junmin the Forgotten," said Albus Ian-bledore, the principal of StuStadt School of M&W, and the most powerful wizards of all times. "Let the feast begin!"
---->> Special thanks to and mention of my Bulgarian friend, Petya, who is ever so willing to help and talk. Her smile could light up the world.


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